two old birds


I took this picture on my phone early in the morning. I’m not a fan of the grainy filter, but there you have it. It’s the two birds that captured my imagination, anyway. They made me laugh, like they were having a conversation.

It’s hard for me not to personify them and imagine lovers sharing a secret. Or two friends confiding in each other.

I thought about these birds long after I took the picture because I couldn’t get out of my mind how human they seemed to me. They’re out in the middle of this lake, standing on a broken tree branch or something, surrounded by water. They have only each other. I imagine how a moment of intimacy like this can transpire between two people who love each other.

I know; they’re only birds. And we’re only human.

It reminded me of the people in my life that I can turn to and whisper a secret, share a confidence, or ask for help.

“What good is confiding one’s pains, miseries and regrets to those to whom one cannot say at the end, ‘pray for me’?”

Elisabeth Leseur

2 thoughts on “two old birds

  1. Love the birds, love their reflection in the water, love the sentiment, especially the Leseur quote at the end.

    To me it looks like the bird on the left is speaking, and the bird on the right is receiving what is said. Like they are respectfully conversing… then in the reflection it looks like the reverse to me. The left is listening as the right speaks.

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