just another sepia evening

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.31.29 PM

A few days ago on Catholic Weekend I mentioned to my pals on the show that somehow the leaves hadn’t peaked here. I figured everything would just turn brown and then it would be winter.

I was delighted to capture this picture on my way home. There’s a little causeway that crosses a small lake in my neighborhood and I cross it twice, on the way in, and on the way out. Although I took this picture and played with a filter and some cropping, I failed  to see the beauty in it.

Oh, sure, I saw something beautiful that I wanted to capture. I finally saw the leaves changing color. I saw the reflection in the still water. But I didn’t see it.

I posted the picture to Twitter, more out of reflex than any real thought, and then a tweet from a friend gave me pause.  She asked if I got to see that EVERY DAY.

Yes. I just don’t pay attention.

It was one of those moments that are thought provoking, and possibly a little life changing.  A gentle reminder to be a little more present to the world around me. Thanks.



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