ladybug, ladybug


We have a small infestation of ladybugs in our bedroom, and especially our bathroom. I don’t know how the little bugs got in, but they’re small, so they obviously found a way.

People keep telling me they are good luck. I don’t know about that, but they’re cute — when they’re not flying into my face or watching me. They aren’t watching me, are they? In the bathroom. Ew.

I did a little bit of research on them. Wikipedia suggests they were named for the Blessed Virgin, that’s why they are called Lady bugs, or Lady birds, in Europe. It turns out that in the Middle Ages, the farmers asked for Our Lady’s intercession to protect crops. I especially like the Dutch name for them, lieveheersbeestje, little creatures of Our Lord.

Isn’t that sweet? I think I’ll quit complaining about them.

8 thoughts on “ladybug, ladybug

  1. We have many lady bugs in my daughter’s bedroom – don’t know where they came from, just appeared one day. I am going to share your research with her, she’ll love it! Thanks!

  2. My grandfather used to mail order ladybugs to let loose in his rose garden. Apparently they love to chow down on aphids. Seems appropriate that they would be connected to rose gardens.

  3. Yes… they’re pretty, not to mention that they are great protection to crops!! I love them!! I think the only insect that I will willingly touch is a ladybug. I love to put them on my hand and then let them fly!

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