Weekly Photo Challenge: filed under entertaining angels


This lovely lady represents so much that’s good about humanity: unconditional love, joy, compassion.

I ran into to her at the post office. Well. Let me rephrase that; she annoyed her way into my heart while I was standing impatiently in line at the post office.

She kept engaging the postal clerk in a prolonged conversation, asking after everybody in the clerk’s family, her co-workers, and some other mundane and totally-uninteresting-to-me details. In short, she was holding me up. I didn’t even have anywhere to be at the time, but I can say that my day had been fairly ruined with some bad news, and that wasn’t helping my mood.

By the time my turn came up and I was finished and on the way out, she was still moving at her elderly pace to get to the door. I gave in to the moment. I just wasn’t going to get past her so I thought I might as well be nice.

That was the opening she was looking for — perhaps a change in my demeanor had been her motive all along.

She engaged me in conversation, and the more I spoke with her, the more my mood lifted, and the more she became human to me. I had characterized her as the worst kind of stereotype of the elderly. She was anything but.

And I was blessed.

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: filed under entertaining angels

  1. I learned a long time ago that the elderly are almost the same as people too …

    I like that wee story.
    Sometimes it’s all I can do to stop myself savaging the ankles of some innocent simply for being (a) human (b) there, and (c) between me and whatever unimportant goal I’m trying to accomplish at the time.
    (Relevant, I’ve just spent a couple of hours in a semi-abandoned graveyard, taking snaps of the lamentations and hopes of bygone generations—it makes one think.) (Dammit, should be compulsory for school kids and college credits … )

    As the famous horse sage said—

    “Take time to slow down, stop, and eat the flowers …”

  2. Hello, Maria, I found this post immensely moving. Who hasn’t been standing in line thinking “Oh, for god’s sake, get a move on!” I’ve had to admonish myself in this situation to be kind, be kind, be kind. Someday it will be me.

  3. It may sound weird, but old people usually fascinate me. Often they are more interesting than young people, even if one must put of with a quirkiness or two that they may have. An excellent post!

  4. I love this entry! Your words have really lifted me – such a heart warming tale. Before she died I can imagine my granny doing the same thing in the post office…I hope she met lovely people like you often!

  5. What an extraordinary story of humanity you have posted! Super. So much warmth and compassion on her face, which is so evident.

    Do visit my post for more such warmth and smiles. Thanks 🙂

  6. What a great story for this topic. I can relate to being impatient at the post office and how you ended up relating to her. Thanks for commenting on my blog – I look forward to reading more posts like this.

  7. I often find myself annoyed when having to wait for chatty cashiers/patrons ahead of me. Then I always kick myself for my impatience.

  8. Hi Maria, I’m glad I checked my likes and found your blog through it. I love the story that went with the photo. Its says so much of us sometimes. I look forward to reading more (btw I also like your post on prayer. Its a great reminder.)

  9. Love the photo but the story was even better. Isn’t it amazing that in today’s world of social media that a real conversation involving individuals labeled as ‘senior citizens’ that is longer than a tweet is annoying. LOL Little did this lovely lady know that by stopping at the post office she was going to remind so many people of what the word humanity means. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Maria this is a lovely story, I am so happy you shared this for the humanity theme ❤
    You've shown how just a few minutes of switching perspective can tear down walls between people… no matter what their ages or circumstances.

    Hope you won't mind if I predict you will have a very full life as you discover your empathetic self.


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