what I learned from Otis

otisIt’s no news that I don’t like pets, and yet, this silly dog has managed to break down that barrier and endear himself to me. There is no goofier dog than Otis. And no goofier master than me.

I love to see him run, full out, when he gets a wild hair and does laps around the yard.

Every part of his being is in this run, and it’s a joy to watch, especially when he leaps. He must think he’s a race horse jumping hurdles. Or Michael Jordan defying gravity on his way to a lay up. It’s just amazing to watch him soar through the air, fly, and then land without missing  his momentum — around again, and again, until he stops and throws himself on the ground at my feet, spent.

I should embrace my own projects with the same singular commitment to run — run hard — until I’m spent. And then allow myself to rest a bit before getting up and doing it again.

I need endurance. Perseverance. Steadfastness.

24 thoughts on “what I learned from Otis

  1. Fabulous picture and I love how you use Otis as a great & universal metaphor. Thank you for following my blog as well.

  2. I started here and just kept going and had to come back and say, I have so enjoyed your writing, your photographs, your style. Such feel good fun with a touch of coworker-stare worthy, out-loud laughter.

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