dreamy time


One of my favorite things to do at the beach is sit on the porch late at night and just take in the whole scene. I love the sound of waves — the breeze at night.

That breeze is the best. The combination of the ocean and the heat from the day wipe me out. I tend to just sit on the deck and zone out into a dreamy state. It’s hypnotic.

It’s kind of surreal to be awake and yet in a far off state of such relaxation and peace that things seem to be … a little off.

Like this picture. It looks like a Dr. Seuss landscape, doesn’t it? I took it with a regular little point-and-shoot. No filters, no editing.

I keep expecting Horton the Elephant.

21 thoughts on “dreamy time

  1. Hi Maria. Yeah, I did want to say something nice 🙂 First of all, thank you for the ‘Follow’ and secondly, I love the openness in your blog. It’s refreshing! That’s all.

  2. well I can see how you relate it to Dr. Seuss – but it actually reminds me of Monet – especially with that one tree – and your words – they were short but succinct – nice take on the WPC

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