what’s with all these bird pics lately?

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I dunno. They’re just there. Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit messing with me a little. He knows I get a kick out of that.

Anyway…the birds. This heron has been a lone wolf around these parts as far as I can remember. One day he showed up and hasn’t left. Just the one. Well, once there were two, but usually it’s one. I can say this, he’s faithful to his little spot. There’s a branch that has made something like a sandbar in this little lake, and every morning he’s out there like a sentinel, just hanging out.

This morning was the first real cold morning of the season. The lake, on these mornings, reminds me of a scene out of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” when the narrator describes “the sullen waters of the tarn.” That’s my literary background creeping in on a gloomy morning.

Add the bird and you get a little character in there. There’s something about him that I like. Maybe it’s his constancy. Or his style. He’s pretty regal as he stands there, motionless. Or maybe it’s because he seems a little out of place. Maybe, he’s just hanging out there because he knows I appreciate him for no other reason than he’s there every morning.

There’s something to be said for presence.

10 thoughts on “what’s with all these bird pics lately?

  1. Don’t look now, but I foresee a retirement filled with birding.

    Oh, and I love the reflections, the mist… nice shots.

    1. Thanks. And no about the birds. Just a couple of them entertain me 🙂

      [although I seem to have really owned this never say never thing lately — or rather, it has owned me]

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