ew. just…ew.

If you’re a coffee drinker, then you know there’s something magical about that first cup of coffee in the morning.

And how messing that up can ruin Christmas.

This morning, I ran a pot of coffee while I did a few other chores, and then prepared two cups. One for me in my favorite The Little Prince cup that holds just enough for me to get a little extra in before it starts to cool, and a giant cup for my honey.

In goes the half-n-half for the master of the house. In goes the delicious coffee, swirling into a lovely caramel color in his cup, and black as night into mine.

Then, in what I can only describe as a moment of horror reserved for late-night B movies, I watch myself, in black and white slo-mo, put…not one, but TWO heaping teaspoons of sugar into MY cup.


So I poured the unsweetened but lightened coffee into a new mug, and fixed my Love his cup, the guy who likes a little coffee in his sugar. And I traded The Little Prince for Spider-Man.

My feng shui is shot.


11 thoughts on “ew. just…ew.

  1. Horror stories of sleep deprived minds giving incoherent orders to numb hands. There once was a fog so great that I set up the drip pot perfectly, fumbled the pristine new filter into place, dumped heaping spoons of freshly ground dark roasted aromatic goodness into the same then added the clear water which sparkled in the happy morning sunlight.”I so got this.” I thought and patted myself on the back for being such a clever girl, took my shower, went back down to the kitchen, grabbed my cup and turned expectantly to the pot to find a large growing brown puddle on the kitchen carpet under the coffee maker. I stood forlorn, cup in hand full of wistful longing. “The carpet was new so that means clean, amIright? I could suck it out of the carpet! No, really it could work.” gave way to cold hard reality. I had ruined the new carpet, I was going to be late for work and, worse, I had no coffee.
    I readied everything but forgot to set the carafe under the coffee stream. 12 cups of aromatic happy making, soul warming balm…lost.

  2. Sorry for your messed up morning but thank God, “ew. just…ew.” has nothing to do with me and my cup of glorious joe. Scrolling through my reader, your title and first line gripped MY heart with momentary horror.

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