Cherry Blossoms: Ephemeral Signs of Spring

When the cherry blossoms bloom around these parts, we have to run out and enjoy them immediately. They just suddenly bloom, everything is pink and beautiful, and the winds of spring invariably blow and they’re gone. Like pink snow, the petals fall and swirl around before disappearing.

It’s an ephemeral burst of life that comes every year.

My mother often calls these windy days in spring los vientos de cuaresma, the winds of Lent. I never gave it much thought since Lent and spring are, while not the same thing, certainly occurring at the same time.

And then I gave some deeper thought to the meaning of the wind blowing so insistently during Lent. What a fantastic presence of the Holy Spirit stirring up every nook and cranny in anticipation of Holy Week.

27 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms: Ephemeral Signs of Spring

  1. Down here, down under, Lent marks the beginning of autumn, a time when typically there isn’t a lot of wind. Somehow the connection between the winds of spring, in your part of the world, and the Holy Spirit makes so much sense. The photos are so beautiful. Cherry blossom in spring always fills me with hope.

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