remember today is 12 of 12

Check back later to see if I accomplish today’s mission. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read the instructions at Chad Darnell’s website, the creator of this fun little project to document the mundane and the exciting. Wanna be voyeuristic with cache? Play along.

12 of 12 for August 2008

Today I had one of those days where all my energy went into teaching. We started a literature unit, and I use this book by Dr. Seuss (published posthumously — check it out — the artwork is very different) to introduce my students to concepts like mood and tone. And then it hit me that I could do the same here, and show it to them later. Hmmm. So, with apologies to Chad Darnell, who created 12 of 12 (go read the rules and see how I broke every single one), here’s a little different take on the concept.

Like every other morning, my day started pretty colorless. I mean, there’s a certain cruelty to having the bright lights turned on in the pre-dawn hours, but hey, it gets me up and in search of the coffee.

Not too long after that I was on the road and had to stop for gas. I was pretty much seeing red at that point because in spite of all that blustering about oil prices going down, I still paid an obscene amount of money to fill my tank.

And school has started around here, so I had to stop for every blasted Cheese Wagon on the way to work. You’d yellow would have a brighter, happier association, but in this case it is just yellow for caution lights.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Atlanta without 8 billion contruction, reconstruction, and repair jobs on the road. I’ve never played that video game where you get points for killing people, but I’m sure the Atlanta version gives bonus points for knocking out the flag men. In a related vent, there’s a woman suing the state for not posting signs that say “flag person”. really — I’m all about gender equity and every other kind of equity, but we really need to pick our battles, folks.

Finally at work. I’m blue because it is calming and fluid, not blue because I am sad. I’m channeling the ocean. I’m feeling at one with the universe. Bla bla bla. I just happen to like blue and it makes me happy.

Purple is a little like blue, only with a little bit of anxiety, and that’s what I did to my students today by introducing a pretty advanced lesson. Ha! Joke’s on them.

Still, I think everyone was feeling a little green with nausea, but I’m hoping they will get over it soon.

I had lunch with “the girls” and so pink seemed to be the color of the day.

The rest of the day was spent in earthy-type activities…dealing with regular people, getting regular (read: boring) stuff taken care of.

The ride home, surprisingly, was smooth sailing. It’s not like I hit every green light, but a big surprise in metro ATL to make it home with no accidents or road closings. Wow!

When I got home and saw the crappola pics that I took, I got deflated and lost all animation and color, but then I got my Seuss-y idea!