well, I remembered this week! 7 Quick Takes of my week

It’s Friday! Again! How does that happen every week?

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Summer classes started this week. That means I’m super busy. And not. If you figure out what that means, tell me. I’m just happy I don’t have to grade anything.


I am still not in my bedroom. Look, I’m the one that’s pissed about it. You can just feel sorry for me.


My dog likes to announce my presence to her Master. Sometimes I’d like to just get to the bathroom after the commute, know what I mean? But she leads me to him with grand ceremony. And I better comply. Or maybe it’s just cuz I go straight to the big guy for a treat, anyway. Can’t get enough smoochies from my honey. Teehee.


If it’s not nailed down it’s getting thrown out. I like that philosophy. I embrace that philosophy. Netflix has distracted me from the execution.


I painted the bedroom green. And I like it. So, that’s all I have to say on the subject.


I started writing poetry again. I feel like an angst-ridden teenager with a spiral notebook. Luckily, as an adult I can express that angst in different ways. I’ve established a nice working relationship with some gentlemen: Jack (Daniels), Johnny (Walker), and Jim (Beam). Do y’all know them? They come highly recommended.


And finally, it’s been really hot around here. I took a lovely walk and sat a while in the sun until I could feel it burning me. Still, I couldn’t get enough of the bright rays on my face. It reminded me a little of adoration.