Otis, gardening, and the essential elements

The dog peed on John’s watermelon plant this morning.

The conversation that followed in the car on the way to Mass can best be described as hilariously combative. First, he was incensed at the dog. Second, it’s pretty bad form to go to Mass pissed off. About a plant. It was more resignation at the puppy’s antics than real annoyance. Until he decided to get ridiculous about adding a fence to the garden. Then I got annoyed.

Then, he pulled out a nuclear weapon.

The weapon? My friend Margaret Rose Realy.


Well, actually, her book. Somebody’s been secretly reading A Garden of Visible Prayer and using Margaret’s master gardening experience against me! The nerve!


We need to define the garden, he says. We need essential elements.

Seriously? I just want a nice, quiet, peaceful place.

Oh. Wait. He’s been creating that all this time.

Keep reading, dear.