choirs of angels

I’m sure you’ve heard the admonition to be kind to strangers…you might be entertaining angels. It sounds just like the kind of stuff I hear all the time in the South. Kind of like the lady at the drive-thru that always wishes me a blessed day.

I’m pretty sure I had one such encounter not too long ago, with a woman who was in my office, and then suddenly gone. Who knows….

But did you know that saying is not some Southernism (well, it probably is), it’s actually scriptural? Like, from The Bible?!

Yes, here it is:

Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels. Hebrews 13:2

How about that? It makes me think about how I treat people….And how I should do it for the sake of kindness and goodness, and not because I’m afraid of getting caught off guard. You know, like the real measure of a person is what they do when no one is watching.

Anyway, kindness and goodness and the general nature of loving other people is a lovely two-way street. A blessing to give…and to receive.

Especially when it feels like I’ve been visited by angels all day 🙂