I would be much obliged if my brain would shut up

I began my day by scribbling this in my journal:

The secret of success is constancy of purpose.

~Benjamin Disraeli

It was an effort to motivate me to fly through my to-do list, and it worked. Too much, really. I hit this really weird zone and just zipped through task after task, clearing the way to a big project that needs some serious attention and finally got it.

I’m not gonna lie, it scared me a little. I haven’t written with such a singular purpose in a long time and it was heady.


Her name is Gloria. The woman from Taco Bell that I wrote about here.


My right ear swole up like Hitch.


I went through iTunes and got rid of annoying music. Now I have room for not-annoying music. In fact, I have plenty of room for some really good music.


I should do the same with my pictures. Here’s my favorite picture from the Eucharistic Congress last Saturday.