the writer’s life

The birds are going totally nuts in the back yard. We just used some heavy machinery to move around dead trees and lots of earth, so everything is a little torn up and fresh. It’s really brought out some wildlife in a big way. The yard is full of rabbits, if you can believe that. First, the deer, now rabbits. I suppose it beats field mice (yeah, we had some of that a few tears back). I like to say field mice. It’s code for rats. Ew. Sorry, my little Cinderella moment just shifted to Enchanted.

So back to Cinderella: the birds are happily chirping away and flying about. The hummingbirds are back. It’s a sunny day. And I am home, enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out my window, my journal in my lap, pen poised pensively.

I even wrote a haiku. Here it is:

my morning is a haiku

birds chirping happily outside my window

and coffee warming my heart

I can’t help the streak of post-modern self-awareness of this post, but I’ll wash down the irony in my voice and just enjoy the moment.

For now, things are as they should be.