I am giddy with joy, in the nerdiest kind of way

I went to see Star Trek for Mother’s Day. Here’s the big observation–everyone else in the theater was middle-aged, balding or graying, and paunchy-looking. Well, not all of us. I looked hot. Remember the middle age thing? Yeah, I was hot, as in hot flash.

Anyway, during the ridiculously long trailers and other advertisemnts taking up all my time, Vicky and I were noting the demographics in the theater. There were a lot of folks my age who had grown up with Star Trek, and then there were our kids, who either went as some weird bonding exprience, or were truly interested in Trek. I’m not sure which. Here’s the thing–it was a Trek movie that was true to Trek (sorry for the alliteration) but engaged the younger generation. It was spectacular. I loved it.

JJ Abrams is my new hero. We finally got some Star Trek that delivered. In a big way. LOL. The special effects were spectacular. There was actually a decent plot, although the time travel/alternate reality tends to get a bit old in sci-fi (still, Spock manages to address that in an amusing way at the end). There were liberties with the story line that were a bit out there, but I suppose it was resolved with the excuse that it was an alternate reality, but still–. I can totally see how a purist would be annoyed, and yet, as far as the story goes, I get it.

Things I could have done without–um, besides changing some history? Nothing. I liked it.

Things that were very well done for this Trekkie:

The characters were believable. Kirk behaved like Kirk. Spock behaved like Spock. Sulu was terrific. Chekov stole the show on the bridge. Scotty was fantastic. Uhura, who had been my favorite as a kid (I used to shove my brother’s crib spring in my ear and pretend to be on the bridge) came through very well, too, although Nichelle Nichols had a whole lot more sensuality. And in a final nod, the actor who played Sarek was wonderful.

I appreciate the nods to the canon. The references to the characters’ quirks in the series were awesome. Sulu fencing was particularly amusing. McCoy was brilliant.

The final scene on the bridge was reminiscent of the show, and the actors seemed to get it right. Kirk, especially, was Kirk without being campy. A feat even Shatner rarely pulled off.

Nicely done.