on the eve of Catholic Media Promotion Day 2012

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy some of the totally random, often silly and meaningless, and occasionally deep (or at least honest) reflections that you find here.

I think my blog defies classification. It’s not anything in particular…a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. It’s just a collection of the stuff that I like, or think about, or feel like ranting over, or recommend, or…feel like sharing.

There’s probably a whole lot that this blog isn’t, but there’s one thing that it definitely is, and that is that it’s mine. A reflection of me.

A big part of me is my faith. I try to live it quietly in spite of the rather obviously public way I might sometimes write about it, like this post, or talk about it, like on podcasts.

Tomorrow, I’m going to refrain from posting here, or anywhere else, as part of Catholic Media Promotion Day.

You might think that’s a funny thing to do…to go silent on a day for promoting Catholic media. It’s not such a crazy idea. Sometimes the best way to think about things is not to do them.

We often forget that we are reflective creatures, capable of thinking deeply and processing our experiences in such a way that contribute to our growth. Pope Benedict XVI challenges us to embrace silence in our lives to give us that opportunity for reflection.

My friends at New Evangelizers challenged us last year with the first Catholic Media Promotion Day, and this year have embraced the Pope’s call for silence and reflection by encouraging us to go silent tomorrow, Wednesday, and then going back on Thursday to answer the question,  “What in Catholic Media has had an impact on me during the past year?”

They’ve set up a forum for sharing. Read about it here.

You might also like to hear what Lisa Hendey of Catholic Mom elaborates on the topic. An excellent reflection here.

Give it a whirl…go silent. If not today, tomorrow. Or soon.

Put away the smart phone, the tablet, the computer, and think about the things that have such a hold on our lives that we have trouble disconnecting, or walking away from it, or living without it. And think about how we can take that and turn it around so that it becomes a source of positive influence in our lives and the lives of others.

I’ll be thinking about that tomorrow as I set aside Tweeting, and Blogging, and Facebooking, and do a little bit of praying, and reflecting and pondering.

I like that word, pondering. Perhaps you’ll do the same.

it’s here! Catholic Media Promotion Day!

That means we get to go out en masse and promote each other (hey, did you like that bit o’ French I used? huh? playing with mass? too early? okay…).

So here’s what you gotta do. Sooo simple. I’m listing some of my favorites down below. You go pay them a visit. See? Easy peasy.

You’re gonna like them because I like them and you like me. See? That’s even easier! and then you follow along their favorites. Something crazy might happen — you might find something that really resonates with you. You might discover some awesomeness that will change your life. You might just generally be amused or moved or entertained.

Then, please leave some encouragement. A nice note to say you visited. A promise to return. We’re such fragile folks, bloggers, podcasters and such. A little love will go a long way.

Favorite Blogs

The incomparable Sarah Reinhard at Snoring Scholar who can’t decide if she should just be pondering her Catholic days

The amazing Lisa Hendey and her fantastic contributors at CatholicMom.com

The absolutely incredible and eclectic Catholic Portal at Patheos.com

Favorite Podcasts

Among Women by Pat Gohn I hear some manly men listen,too

the Catholic Foodie by Jeff Young where food meets faith

The Catholic Laboratory by Ian Maxfield science and the Church

3 Random Catholic Things On Line

By random I’m going to guess that it defies a classification, cuz I can be totally random

Star Quest Production Network (SQPN!) has a new look and new outlook

Fr. Barron’s Word on Fire simply amazing

New Advent carries top Catholic stories … good place to start for some quick links in the news

Sadly, I am iPhone impaired, so I have to pass on the apps portion of this activity. More reason for you to follow the links and find out what others are doing.

Have an awesome day of discovery! God bless you! And remember, leave some love wherever you go!

HEY! Go do this, ‘mkay?

On Tuesday, March 15th, all over the internet Catholics will be posting about their favorite Catholic blogs, podcasts, media projects, and just about anything that we’re producing that is cool and exciting and we want to share.

Here’s the project concept from the Facebook page:

On March 15, 2011, everyone with a blog, podcast, or Facebook page should list their favorite 3 blogs, 3 podcasts, 3 other media, 3 random Catholic things online, and their own projects.Then, post the link to your list here on March 15th.Lastly, on March 15th, go to iTunes and leave at least 3 positive written reviews for various Catholic podcasts and 3 positive written reviews for Catholic mobile applications.

This is very important. We need to encourage each other. Catholic media is not about competition — and it shouldn’t be. We are each using our unique gifts to share our love of the Lord. To that end, we can share that love a little, you know? Introduce each other to what’s out there.

Spread the word, and don’t forget to come back here on Tuesday to see what I post. And don’t forget to check in at iTunes to post your reviews. And don’t forget to post your own. On your blog. On Facebook. On Twitter. On whatever it is that you use for your own conversation — even if it’s in the comments sections.

Especially if it’s in the comments sections.

Join the conversation on Facebook by following this link to Catholic Media Promotion Day and “liking” the page.

Listen to this latest episode of Catholic Weekend with special guest Greg Willits sharing his vision on this initiative, and then see what Sean McGaughey from Catholic Roundup has created to showcase an excellent collection of resources for this — go check it out here.