some snapshots of #CNMC11

Hey, so the CNMC 2011 is over and I’m on the last flight out of Kansas City. It’s always the same for me – an overload of things that need to be done, keeping an eye on the program, and at the same time, slipping into the presentations I want to watch, talk to the people I want to get to know, and catch up with old friends.  In short, the CNMC zoomed by and I need a minute to gather my thoughts and think about the whole experience, both in its delightful little snippets of conversations, and in the broad picture of The Conversation.

But first, I have to think about some logistics and some conversation that need to be held following the point when everyone has checked out of the hotels, boarded their flights home, and put the conference behind them.

Then I’ll get to reflect. In the meantime, here are some highlights that continue to make me smile :

Fr. Jay Finelli is hilarious. Really hilarious. And he yells at his GPS.

Steve Nelson is a superhero with an invisible cape.

Paul Camarata is one of the most gracious people I know.

Lisa Hendey delights me…because she is delightful.

Matt Warner’s baby girl is adorable and likes oatmeal cookies.

Cheese puffs are a universal snack. Fr. Roderick and Ian Maxfield know this, even if they’ll never admit it.  Pshaw to their European sensibilities.

Jeff Geerling is really really smart…and really really clever. And his wife makes really really tasty cookies. Really.

Pat Gohn may have a new podcast, Homilies-R-Us. Kinda redefines her Among Women segments on women in the pew.

Sean Patrick Lovett is absolutely, unquestionably, amazingly charming.

Sr. Anne, I discovered, loves raspberries and dark chocolate. You should send her some.

Greg Willits is still very tall. And tore up Mac Barron’s shoes.

Scott Maentz is magical with his camera. Look up the CNMC11 on Flickr and see the smiles, fun, and intensity that he captured, both in the sessions, and the celebration.

Jeff Nielsen, Pat Padley, and Nick Padley are unsung heroes. If you watched any of the goings on anywhere at the conference, it was because of their untiring work to make it happen…not just technologically, but in the liturgies as well.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas was so welcoming, and their beautiful Savior Pastoral Center was magnificent. Archbishop Naumann gave us a lovely treat by leading evening prayer and visiting with all of us.

And finally, a big hug and a kiss to all the people who came to the CNMC and participated in the dialogue – making new friends, reinforcing old ties, and jumping into the deep together.

I didn’t take any pictures during the CNMC because, well, I’m a #FAIL, but here’s a little peek at the shenanigans during the set-up, and then grabbing dinner in town (a little under-dressed and over-tired, and then the next day, another super early morning…and then…the CNMC!).


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7 Quick Takes Friday!

Check out the collection of other 7 Quick Takes Friday posts, hosted at Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog, Conversion Diary. Here ya go, in no particular order, the highlights (that’s relative) of my week.


It’s Friday. I was never one for the whole TGIF thing, even though I admit to having been a disco bunny and dancing my way through that era. Is this a place for these kinds of confessions? I admit there might be a Village People LP or two in my closet. Love & Kisses was probably my favorite group. I won’t subject you to the video here, but if you’re curious, here’s one. Ha. I know you’re gonna look. Anyway, I am very thankful that it’s Friday, even with all the work ahead of me today.


Did I tell you I don’t have a bedroom? Yeah. No walls. No ceiling. Waiting on some insulation. Not. Fun.


Check this out! I got to play over at! I’ve got a review of X-Men: First Class over there. Because you have no idea how absolutely geeky I am when it comes to these stories 🙂


Had a thoroughly delightful Girls Night Out with some wonderful women who happen to be very well-known in Catholic media but will remain nameless. Although I’d like to promote them because I love what they do, it wasn’t about that. It was personal, and fun, and absolutely necessary for us.  I forget how essential it is to maintain the REAL in these real-life relationships. I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of stress lately, and it was a pleasure to blow off some steam.


Did something scary. Applied for graduate school. Again. Only this time, for real. That first time was just…well…a giant implosion of chickening out (and in retrospect–not really something I wanted). Pushing the submit button this time felt more natural. Pray for me on that — and I’m sure, more news to follow in that area.


I have a lot of laundry to do. Am I allowed to complain about it here? Yes. It’s my blog, and I think you’ve come to expect the occasional laundry vent. I hate it. I blame Eve.


And finally, Ta-Dah! The CNMC 2011 registration is open! This year promises to have some really cool people presenting, a new feature on the day before for peeps serious about jumping into Catholic media, and an expanded spiritual component for those of you less interested in the technical side but wanting some guidance and spiritual refreshment. And a party. We have to have a party — so everyone’s invited to hang out Saturday night and continue the celebration after the conference.