I’m no birdwatcher, but…

Is this a Cooper’s Hawk. In my backyard?

John and I were enjoying coffee in our living room this morning. It’s a beautiful day to be outside, but we weren’t quite ready to go out there yet, instead just enjoying the sunshine streaming into the room. A slight breeze was moving the trees and casting an occasional shadow, so we did a double-take when something swooped by the window.

John shot up and went to the window and called me over. There was a hawk in the roses. It must have been hunting the rabbits that have recently over-populated our backyard. The hawk then flew up and perched on the roof of our deck, and then took off to a dead tree just beyond our property.

He was still there when I came back with the camera, and then he flew right back into our yard.


Holy smokes! He hid in one of our trees, watching, dare I say it, like a hawk.

Ha ha. I crack myself up.

So, what is it? Anybody know if we’re right? John says it’s a Cooper’s Hawk. Google images says maybe.

I say, ask the internet 🙂