who wants my dad to get his own blog?

If we could get my dad to get his own blog then he might not feel so compelled to send me some of the weird stuff he passes along. To be fair, yesterday’s YouTube nugget, Thank You Fidel, made it to Facebook, but he won’t get FB, either, so he doesn’t know when I actually like something — I reserve my dislike for opportunities for public ridicule. Luckily, he has a pretty good sense of humor.

So I guess he sent the following video to remind me of my Spanish heritage because I can’t imagine another reason to watch this woman play the castanets. Not my cup of tea, Old Man, but I appreciate the effort. “A+” for thoughtfulness. Here it is — and the truth is that this woman is pretty amazing.

Let me remind you, dear Pop, that we live in the South now. Land of hillbillies, countryfolk, and a healthy respect for Dueling Banjos. Let me educate you on this a little bit:

Now, if you really wanna impress me, find somebody playing a Cuban Tres 🙂