I had a berry good day


I never imagined that teasing John about his new gardening hobby could be so sweet and satisfying…as in sweet, tasty fruit.


Prior to this, it was mostly making fun of his FarmVille habit, but these days, I’m shutting up. It turns out I am enjoying working alongside him in the evenings. We don’t do much…a little watering, a little weeding, maybe some pruning. Then we sit down and wait for the lightning bugs to come out.

Mostly, we just enjoy the silence between us. Except for the occasional frog croaking.

Who knew so much could be said with a smile or a look.

intervention? please!

I can’t get to my Farmville page. My crops are withering. My chickens are wandering around unsupervised.

And now, there are cats everywhere.  You can hear about my addiction here.