what are your dreams?

So the internet has been abuzz over this amazing little film about Giving.

If you haven’t seen it, you must have been hiding under a rock. Here’s your chance.

But tucked in behind all the hype, I discovered this gem. Check it out.

I dream of one day returning to the land where I was born. Even if I’m 81 and deaf 🙂


brother, can you spare a word? or 36K?

The problem with NaNoWriMo is not the challenge of writing the 50,000 words (what? I didn’t really say that); it’s what writing 50,000 words does to my other writing. For starters, it’s a different  genre.  I’m so long-winded it’s probably a good fit for me … but right now I’m hitting that wall that comes in the second week.  Seasoned NaNoWriters say that getting past this hump is the hardest part, and then it’s smooth sailing.

Okay. Sure. Easier said than done.

Let me wallow in my little pity party a minute, and then I’ll get back to the novel. Because, you know, I’m gonna do it. I just thought I’d take a little break from it and use up some words on the ole blog – you know, where I got crazy and decided that I wasn’t going to die if I actually shared what I wrote every once in a while.

So the big challenge is the word count. Finding the words that count. Add up. Tell a story. Oh, you say, is that all?

Well, yes, that is all. That’s a lot. For writers, that’s what we have to work with, and most of us have this little love affair with words that maybe only we understand. But sometimes, there’s more than words – the stuff that’s abstract and floating around in our heads, our hearts, maybe our souls. Those are the things that we write about, but we need to find the words to articulate it first.

Sometimes, though, words are not enough. Or maybe, the right train of thought here is that words are not necessary. It’s okay to just feel it. Ha! And then, inevitably, write about it. But first we feel.

Let me tell you I’m feeling a lot right now. Scared is probably at the top of that list, followed by its best friend, insecure. I’m taking the GRE this Friday morning and applying for a doctoral program in English and Communications. This is just the beginning of the process, so I don’t have anything to add but a simple request for prayers. You decide what you want to pray about – I certainly don’t know.

Well, hold on. How about prayers that I remember the math I took THIRTY YEARS AGO. Sheesh, that’s a sobering number. Anyway, there you have it. You heard it here, first.  Suddenly my little experiment with 50,000 words isn’t so daunting, even if I did just give away 411 words.