Fresher than Fresh: A New Tulip


This week’s Daily Post photo challenge, fresh, comes just in time for spring. There’s a little bit of rain falling, just enough to get things a little misted, and it changes everything. The dull dustiness of early spring — there’s no real color yet — covers everything in pollen. A little rain freshens things up again. The grass is just starting to wake up, and while there are lots and lots of flowers blooming, leaves and leftover wintry shrubs still dot the landscape.

dandelionThe scent of spring, wet and fresh, fills my nostrils and transports me back to my childhood. The honeysuckle isn’t in bloom yet, but oh boy — soon. Soon!

I admit that my tastes, and my wallet, have matured a little and I can indulge myself in the beauty of tulips, but I have a confession to make ….

This is my favorite sign of spring.