so appropriate the day before Halloween

…mostly because right about now I am outraged by both the Santa displays in the stores…and the PC Police making sure that I proceed with enthusiasm to provide plenty of Winter Soltice merryment while carefully keeping Jesus out of it.

09_10_29_nativitySorry guys, I’m busy planning first for Thanksgiving, then Advent. Christmas is still quite a ways away, thankyouverymuch. Plus, I really need to pick up some candy for the little cutie pies who will come ringing my doorbell tomorrow in the hopes that we are the cool house with the chocolate candies. Those little munchins don’t have a political or religious agenda, and aren’t going to be dogmatic. They just want the goods, and I’m in the mood to deliver. With chocolate. 🙂

So, Fr. Z’s brilliant blog post about the minimalist Nativity scene cracked me up. Actually, it was the first comment, which I’ll post here, that truly tickled me, but I demand that you follow this link over to read the whole thing.

The fact that the grain on the Joseph-stick is more dense is clearly a sign of the patriarchal hermeneutic of the individual who put this together; the inclusion of wise men, while failing to include the wise women who were certainly there is patently sexist; putting Mary and Joseph on either side of the Jesus-stick is pure, unadulterated heteronormativity gone amok; lastly, whoever assembled the display, by putting the human person-sticks upright, while laying the animal-person sticks horizontally is displaying an unacceptable speciesist tendency. For shame! I will have none of this backwards-thinking, close mindedness under my eco-friendly, live, midwinter holiday tree!

it’s October! Merry Christmas!

I know, it’s not Halloween yet and I haven’t had my fill of candy corn and bite-sized Snickers. I just thought I’d get into the retail mood. 🙂

Does this annoy you as much as it annoys me? Just wondering.