endless holy cards

Last night in a spontaneous and random status update on Facebook, I announced that I had a ridiculous amount of holy cards stuck everywhere. I was astounded by the response.

Evidently there needs to be a 12-step program for holy card hoarders, huh?

Whatever. I’m not breaking the habit any time soon, so forgetaboutit. They are everywhere, as bookmarks, little reminders, spontaneous little signs of joy, and reminders to pray.

Still, it does amuse me to find them in totally random places. Like the other day, I was looking for some sunglasses in those nifty hideaway tiny compartments in my husband’s good ol’ boy pick-up truck and when I popped the little door the Divine Mercy prayer card fell out. His distress was palpable…”put that back please,” he said, like I was gonna help myself to it.

Oh. Well. I must have a reputation for doing that, then. Oops.

Perhaps that explains why today, after yesterday’s cleaning session and discovery of all things holy cards, I found a new stash…this one just fell out of a journal that I’m not even using. We can talk about my collection of empty journals another time.

Thirteen cards fell out. Thirteen! In just a little journal. I need an intervention 🙂

Are you this ridiculous?