speaking of hope, fear, and daring…

nanoThis is what NaNoWriMo looks like around here. You might see the text in the background — but what I’m talking about is the stress eating.

Ice cream.

For when nothing else will do.

I’m not going to lie; that sad little block of Heath Klondike has nothing on this.

What’s your poison?

right when I thought things couldn’t be better…

John and I went to a Duck Dynasty-themed Christmas party.

I know — I know. Why not you?

We can’t all live the dream. That’s why I’m sharing some pictures.

We were somewhere on the way to Flannery O’Connor’s place. This means nothing to you, I know, but let’s just say we were out in the country along some state road at a Wings place. Wait. Not just a wings place, the definitive wings place. And we had a party. Just like that.

Afterward, John and I stopped at Scoops to cool our palates with delicious ice cream. He had strawberry shortcake and I had pralines and cream because they didn’t have the kind of chocolate that I’ve been known to swoon over. We sat in the rocking chairs facing the square and enjoyed the people watching.

So that’s it. An epic date night for sure. Thought I’d share.

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