more olympics musings

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the olympics right up until the point where I just flat out fall asleep. Consequently, I haven’t posted here very much because I have been otherwise engaged. But I’m back, and I hope to offer some insightful and irreverent thoughts about the olympics.

Let’s forget the politics, which are absolutely dirty and hideous. I mean, the 40 billion dollar budget came at whose expense? Communism = human rights violations, I don’t care what coat of paint you want to put on it.

I am far more interested in other details. For example, I was absolutely fascinated by the jewelry on display. The Cuban hurdles guy who was phenomenal, also sported a crucifix that looked like a pectoral cross, only on a short (and equally thick) chain. Let me just say that no Cuban worth his weight in salt would wear anything less that 18k. Where did the guy get the money for the crucific? Oh, wait, see my comment above. clearly, some Cuabns are more equal than others in their access of a healthy diet and jewelry. There’s also the obvious point that Cuba is an atheist state. think about that for a minute.

While I’m on the subject of crosses (I couldn’t spell the plural of crucifix), did anyone notice how many athletes crossed themselves? Still a trend to thank God publicly? Hmm. Did you notice that they also didn’t quite get it right, either? Just me, being snarky.

On to more jewelry. I’ve played sports competitively. We were never allowed to wear jewelry. It could hurt us or other athletes. The last thing I ever wanted was to get slammed on the side of the head and have an earring post driven through my skull, so to see athletes in contacts sports wearing earrings is a bit….well, stupid. However, I think that the grand prize for weirdness in sporting articles of jewelry goes to Kerri Walsh of the women’s beach vollyball. She wore a pretty big watch.

Huh? First she wears Spidey’s alien black suit on her shoulder, then she plays volleyball with a watch. I never played the sport competitvely, but I bump and dig fairly well and I honestly see that as a giant liability.