I think too much…

I spent the entire drive home contemplating naming residential developments.

I know, weird. It started when I saw the sign for Poplar Falls. Not only are there no poplars in an area infested with Bradford Pears, but there are no falls. Unless you count the drainage pipe that feeds the water retention pond.

So that got me to thinking: who gets to name the residential developments?

Is there some random name generator like my superhero name: Radioactive Midget (um, really, I’m not short).

Or my Mafia name: Jimmy “the Hips” Costello (I’m a little suspicious here–can they see me?).

On second thought, now it totally makes sense. I passed Falls with no falls, Springs with no springs, a Bluff with no cliffs, and of course, my favorite, Woods, with no trees.

These developers have no moral compass. It starts with a little neighborhood with a fancy name, and before you know it, we have universal healthcare.