25 things I love…

another thing I love: sunsets
another thing I love: sunsets

I’m in a listy mood.

  1. chocolate
  2. pizza
  3. cozy sweaters
  4. loud music
  5. soft music
  6. fluffy clouds
  7. fluffy socks
  8. the smell of burning leaves in the fall
  9. snuggling
  10. moonlight
  11. thunderstorms
  12. wild surf
  13. piña coladas
  14. getting caught in the rain
  15. kitschy songs from the 70’s
  16. laughter
  17. surprises

I ran out of stuff. I never said I could count.

I love checking off things

It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. I just love to get things done. Maybe because the list in freakin’ INTERMINABLE.

Yeah. What she said.