weekly photo challenge: symmetry


I had a lovely morning at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I participated in an interesting project with an interfaith educational channel, and was charmed by the producer, an interesting woman who was a natural story-teller.

We spoke at length about our different faiths, our families, even a little bit about writing.

We ended up in the church for the midday prayers with the monks. It was a special treat for me, since I missed my usual holy hour earlier. I sat quietly, listening to their chant, listening to the words that have carried the faithful for centuries, and I felt the connection over time, transcending time in that moment. The concord, the harmony — not only of their voices but their movements, was all in balance.

The symmetry struck me.

I felt, in that moment, the breadth, the catholicity of my faith.

Serenity — a quiet afternoon

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I love this week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post. It’s just in time, too. I’ve needed a little serenity after a very busy fall and Christmas holiday. So here I am, seeking a little peace in my afternoon.

One of my favorite places to visit is the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. If you’ve visited this blog often enough, you’ve certainly seen some pictures from there, especially in the Abbey Church. I like to go there and walk across the grounds — sometimes to a gazebo hidden by a closed road, other times to a little duck pond next to the retreat house.

I always end up inside the church, and every time, I am delighted by the colors from the stained glass windows. They usually cast a blue or violet light that illuminates the space. Even though most people would say that creates a cool feeling, I always think it’s warm.

Today’s retreat took me to new places as I played a little with a new camera. Of course, I ended up in the church. There’s nothing like the wide open space to lift my eyes and my prayers upward to heaven. I took many intentions with me today, and I left full of peace. Contentment.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

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I expect a bunch of mathematical and geometric convergences in this challenge. In the absence of getting a good picture of the Nexus, or Soran‘s attempt to enter it, I went with something a little more spiritual. Also, I really like blue.

This glass window above the transom at the Abbey Church at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit represents the challenge best. Stepping through the doors into a sacred space is a convergence, from the finite to the infinite, from the temporal to the eternal.

just a regular Friday

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Had breakfast with a friend. Stretched the creative muscles. Bought honey for my honey. Prayed with the monks. Put my pen to paper. Received lovely virtual flowers. Watched an artist at work. Sat in the sun. Chatted with a bluebird. Walked. Sent a postcard. Prayed a rosary.