avoidance post # 3

I should be writing.

Well, this counts, right? Thought I’d take a break from writing…to do more writing. Yeah. I’m weird that way. I just thought I’d share what Ive done in the last few hours.

  • wrote a caption for a picture of…a sock
  • created a new Pandora station (try Beny More if you want some AWESOME Cuban music)
  • wrote 3K words towards my remaining 20K (now 17K woohoo!)
  • made a tasty dinner of palomilla and rice (with lots of onions!)
  • folded some clothes (and put them away!)
  • made some tea (Earl Grey, with a tea kettle, not a replicator)

And finally, what prompted me to write this in the first place, I discovered that I have a racing stripe of gray hair right in the middle of my head. I know, weird, right?

Okay, look, I’m really fine with the salt and pepper thing I have going on. Really. I quit dying my hair years ago, and it has been at least one less thing I have to keep up with, so…whatever. Sure, every once in a while the cashier at Publix asks if I want the senior discount, but other than that I’ve never really thought too much about it.

Except now.

I have a gray racing strip in the middle of my head.

It starts right at my crown and if I brush my hair forward I look like Pepe Le Pew. Of course, I entertained myself by combing it in other directions. Because, you know, I’ve got those 17K words waiting for me.

Thought I’d share. Back to my regularly scheduled writing.