A Fun Lenten Photo Challenge

This is going to be both fun and edifying. Check out Catholic Sistas for the directions and how to link to them.

I’ll be posting my first picture soon, but wanted to get this out to all my photography followers who might want to take the challenge with me!Today is the 18th, so look up the date below and see SYMBOL!

Ready? Go! And don’t forget to come back and see what I put up, and share a link to yours, too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.10.16 PM

This morning I had the loveliest experience at our church. For some months, the sanctuary in the church has been under renovation. The altar got a little bit of a facelift; the tabernacle was moved behind the altar, and a crucifix was installed. The tiles that match the ones in my kitchen were replaced with lovely marble tiles, and the whole sanctuary was raised so that there are three steps up. It’s lovely.

We’ve been taking peeks at it on Sundays and watching the progress, but travel kept me away this past weekend and I didn’t see the painting finished last week. Or the installation of the crucifix.

I decided to go to mass this morning so I could stay and have a little holy hour. At the end, I was surprised by the announcement that we were going to have a Eucharistic Procession to the church to bless the tabernacle and crucifix, followed by Adoration.

Oh, my! What a delightful surprise!

It was beautiful. The moment when Father placed the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle for the first time brought tears to my eyes. The whole experience was too lovely for words, and a part of me was reluctant to take pictures so I could be present in the moment. I’m glad I didn’t distract myself trying to frame a shot.

Later, when everyone was gone, I took a quick picture to share with my husband. The moment was more precious than even gold. The yellow sunlight brightened everything on the altar. Brighter than the sun, is the Son.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

This week, share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials … or with man-made objects.

Here’s a close-up of the deck that wants to ruin my vacation.


Luckily, I was paying attention.


I’m not even mad about it — I mean, it obviously needs some attention, but I’m on the sand, in the water, basking in the sun. I can wear shoes while I sip the mango daiquiris on the deck 🙂

Even though this is a tragedy waiting to happen, seeing this through the lens was pretty thought-provoking. I’ve often loved to see the old damaged remains of things when I travel. I’m drawn to the lightning-struck trees, the chimneys that remain behind after fires. I always stop to study decaying barns in fields.

I don’t know what it is about these broken things — but I can tell you that I see past the wear and abuse and see the beauty. I am grateful for this gift that sometimes surprises me by letting me see beyond the surface.