things I think about when I think about things

I had to be at work so early that I left in the dark. It doesn’t bother me; it used to be quite normal. I had forgotten how lovely it is to catch the sunrise. This time it took me by surprise, which is the best kind of way to experience it, I think. I live in a kind of hilly area, and I turned after a long curve and there it was! The effect was stunning. We’re having a cold front moving in, and the clouds in the distance looked like a mountain range. Awesome. I love God’s artwork so early in the morning.


Speaking of God, I was thinking about the Pope, because, hey, who isn’t? He seems like a pretty nice guy…as far as one can tell by his antics like stopping the Popemobile. Ha. I’ve also really loved the things he’s said…and naturally, the flurry to backpeddle and read all about him is the current insanity. All that aside (I’m not brushing it off — I am obviously interested in what the Holy Father has to say), I was actually just praying for the man. I can’t imagine how his world got turned upside down and what an adjustment it must be. I mean, it’s not like he can go back to his apartment and pick up his things, say ‘bye to his friends, have a little going away party, you know, cuz HE’S SUDDENLY THE POPE!


I started this new blog documenting what I do as an instructor in the technical college system. It’s just a marketing tool, but if you’re curious, here it is: more than an essay.


So how’s your Lent coming along? I think it’s a funny question. I’ll tell you that mine has been a surprise, and I’m pleased with some insights I’ve had. That’s a grace, for sure.


Also, I’m really craving pancakes. Instead, I’m having a boiled egg.


What are you thinking about?

a liberal arts education isn’t necessarily gonna make you rich, but it sure can enrich you


This afternoon I had one of those cultural literacy moments that made me smile real big, and then wonder about the tons of people who miss a great little play on words because they just don’t know. Makes me sad in a way, but then, the snarky part of me kind of relishes the “power” of knowledge and mocks the unknowing masses who trudge through life with that blank look that screams “I don’t get it.”

I admit that I am an intellectual snob. What are you gonna do about it?

So what prompted this rumination? Well, the folks across the street are gutting their house. Gladys Kravitz can probably tell you their life story, but I don’t really talk with them beyond the usual neighborly pleasantries. Basically, my job in that relationship is to keep the demon dog from eating their toddler.

Anyway, as I was saying, their house looks like it’s being gutted. There’s been a van parked in their driveway with some construction name on the side–who reads that stuff? Well, I read stuff. I can’t help it. It’s like an occupational compulsion. I got a good view of the van today because it was parked along the front of the house, and I nearly hit my own mailbox from laughing out loud (there really should be some convenient shorthand for conveying that thought).

What’s the company name and tagline? I thought you’d never ask:


Quality service you can have faith in.

Never mind that the phrase ends in a preposition Do you think they are Catholic? Do you think anybody else knows? Wouldn’t it be even funnier if they aren’t and I just have too much time on my hands?

I prefer to think the world is peopled with all kinds of clever folks.