a simple prayer


20140404-063849.jpgI recently had a conversation with friends over a beer or two. It was a delightful afternoon full of laughter and insights. One of the topics that came up was about using social media. My friend said that she often prayed through her news feed, stopping to offer brief prayers even when there was no request for prayers. Especially, she said, when there was no request for prayers.

It got me thinking about how quick I am to repost the silly, wasteful cat memes instead of looking for something a little more edifying. About how quick I am to let loose with my tongue or my pen keyboard instead of thinking before responding. For today, I’m going to make this pretty reminder, which I swiped, naturally, from a social media site, my prayer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection


This week’s photo challenge intrigued me. I knew right away I wanted to do it, but time, and inspiration, and frankly, a picture, kept me waiting for the right moment.

reflectionI finally got it this afternoon. I live by a small lake, so the easy photo was to take a little walk down there and see what the water was reflecting. I love those kinds of pictures, but I took to heart the other part of the challenge, to see a little into my soul and wonder what it reflects.

If nothing else, the challenge had me pondering this throughout the week. I think we don’t ponder things enough. Our microwave-hurry-up-ding-fries-are-done mindset doesn’t make time for that essential need.

So I pondered. Reflected, if you will.


The picture above is a reflection of the top of a tree on a very small, thin puddle on my patio. I took the picture right side up, but the tree is reflected upside down. Like an old style photograph view finder.

Here’s the thing, I know it’s a tree, but it looks like a root system. I’ve been thinking about this all day. What is my root system? What is my foundation?

And is it reflected in my bearing?