a random rose in winter


I have this rose bush with a mind of its own. It has survived abandonment, tramplings, storms, and most recently, the window guys who just pushed it aside and did terrible things to it with their scaffolding.

It’s taken a real licking, and keeps on ticking. Long after the other roses go dormant for the winter, this one makes it a point to give me one more bloom at an unexpected moment. You can see the deadheads in the picture — I gave up pruning it a while back, but there you have it, one more beautiful flower.

I always think it’s one last little nod from God, a little kiss, if you will, that lets me know things are going to get a little dark and bleak in winter, but look at what you have to look forward to in the spring.

I’ll take my hope where I can find it — it wasn’t a coincidence that we sang this in Mass today.

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul,

My God, in you I trust.

psalm 25

speaking of pretty things

I walked into the backyard to assess the gigantic weeding project and discovered an EXPLOSION of roses!

What’s up with that? I snapped up a few to cheer me through the housework. What an awesome surprise. A happy smile for me.

These are on my desk…but I had to clean it off first, so I shared them in the foyer for a little while.