and now, for the rest of us: it’s Festivus!

Happy Festivus, y’all.There will likely be plenty of comfort food tonight.

photo-10Um, no feats of strength since the thought of either of us being wrestled to the ground will require a call to 911, and those good folks are probably busy.

There will be, however, the airing of grievances. Let me get started with that.

1. Done with this rain. Done! We rarely get a white Christmas; I’ll pass on a wet one.
2. I ran out of whiskey. Why? WHY?
3. I didn’t win the lotto. Again.
4. Otis does not have opposable thumbs and thus, is useless to me. Unless we talk about doggy kisses and joy and all that stuff, but we’re not, cuz I’m airing grievances, not joys.
5. I need more hugs.

I anticipate Festivus miracles!