finished…until the next thing

So I wrote the speech. Yeah. Done.

I’d say I’m done in by it, but really, not the case. Wrote it. Shared it with a few trusted peeps who’d tell me I’m full of it if I am.

Hmmm. Actually, they didn’t tell me I’m full of it. I would have told me I’m full of it.

So now I’m walking around the house cleaning and delivering the speech. I gotta practice, you know. It’s all about the delivery. So far the dog is unimpressed.


This has been a good lesson for me. It put me outside my comfort zone. That’s important because I teach composition to people who are outside their comfort zones. It was refreshing for me to feel a little bit of empathy. I’m going to say this has changed the way I’m teaching….It’s true. I used this in my classes this week. It made a little bit of a difference in my students. It didn’t change what they had to do, of course, but it changed my delivery.

Always learning, I am.


How’d you like that little reference?

Anyway, that’s mostly what I do. Help people find their voices. Help people tell their stories and share their ideas. If you do that, too, you might enjoy this TED Talk. I should have watched it before I wrote my speech for next Wednesday’s event. Lucky for me, I have to write another one for Tuesday, and that one might just be a little more important for me.