yes, I am often humbled

Hot on the tails of the CNMC 2009 and all the technology and connectivity being discussed, I am humbled by my own kiddo, Christy, who has a remarkable gift for finding all things really cool and musical.

It’s a nice marriage, the technology and concept of a smaller, tighter, closer knit world. Political agendas seem to be driving so much violence in the world today, and we tend to focus on hate so much, especially in the news. But really, at least in my experience, I run into way more kind people, people with good hearts, and people who are just looking for the same things as I am. You know, not so much about world domination–more like just wanting to be heard, having a smile for a loved one, being valued.

Maybe that makes me a hippie after all. I’ll deny it. But enjoy this neat little project.