daisies! and more daisies!

This week’s Catholic Weekend delved into the silliness of not having a recent post here to plug, and my only defense was…um. I had no defense. But Steve hasn’t updated either, so I challenged him to see who would post first.


So, I went out to lunch with John, saw a little football, ate some tasty burgers, and took a drive out to the granite-covered fields at the horse park. There was a mountain bike event going on, but I managed to grab a few shots of the Stone Mountain daisies that grow along granite outcroppings.

They really are the friendliest flowers 🙂

We’ve got a bunch of granite in our backyard, too, and I walked all the way to the back of the property with the dog, and lo and behold! I have my own daisies in my yard!

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“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”

Today I did something a little out of the ordinary for a Friday morning — I went to Stone Mountain and took a leisurely hike up the mountain trail.

Leisurely is code for I had to stop a couple of times because it was pretty steep at the end and I kinda appreciate staying alive.

Anyway, thoroughly delightful. I wandered around and took pictures while catching my breath and continuing up up up.

As far as hikes go, it’s pretty short … about a mile. But the terrain is uneven, and rocky, and there are places where it’s sandy and slippery, and others where water is running down, so for a middle-aged out of shape broad, that mile was a hike. Of course, it’s a lot faster coming down.

The morning was fairly cool and there was quite a breeze blowing, especially at the top.  In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day for my little excursion. It gave me a lot of time to think, when I was inclined to think, but mostly, I let my mind go blank and just be. Kind of nice not to think about anything at all.

Of course, that just usually leads to more thinking, and I noticed a couple of things.  I went with the intent of photographing the Stone Mountain Daisies, which are still blooming even though it’s a little late already. As it happens, there were plenty, overgrown, even, but my favorites are the ones that just kind of sprout out of nowhere.

As I would crouch down to get close for a couple of the shots, I realized that they were facing the morning sun, straining, almost yearning for the light. I looked carefully at the next batch, and sure enough, they were facing the sun. It’s hard not to see the obvious there, right? We can learn much from the natural world, and those pretty little daisies, simple, sweet, and so cheerful and carefree (indulge my personification) taught me a lovely little lesson.

“Learn from the way the wild flowers grow.  They do not work or spin.  But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them.”(Matthew 6:28-29)

The pretty little daisies were showing me the way — to look up, brightly, into the Son.