what inning is it?

I admit that I probably spend too much time on Twitter. It is a vast sea of ridiculosity, sometimes empty and sometimes fun. But generally, it’s a time suck.


Other times, though, it can be a great source of news and even education. It reminds me to pray. It invites me to reflect on some deep thoughts. It has gently and rather casually linked me to scripture and spiritually uplifting articles and blog posts that have made me a better Christian, and subsequently, I’d like to think, a better person.

It has provided me with a vast playground of like-minded people, which more often than not, in small spurts of 140 characters or less, makes me think.

I won’t delude myself into thinking that this can be a substitute for healthy personal relationships, which requires a different kind of intimacy, but in today’s vastly changing world, it is one window into a new kind of dialogue, and as it happens, it has turned out to be quite engaging, and a lot of fun.

I invite you into that little virtual world via Katharine Grubb’s blog, 10 Minute Writer, where she hosts a little virtual play-off party, no doubt inspired by some of the playful banter that gets thrown around the twitterverse.

Come to the party here.