2 down, 23 to go

I just finished the second book in my ambitious plan to read 25 books this year (for pleasure — I have other reading to do, too).

I read a book about science that surprised me. I totally thought I was going to read one of Stephen Hawking’s books, maybe The History of Time. But that’d be cheating since I already read that. Ha! But let’s be honest — I was struggling with this. So how did I end up completing this part of the challenge early when I was balking?

Check out Nikola Tesla: IMagination and the Man Who Invented the 20th Century by Sean Patrick.


Luck. I happened to be looking for some books for my kindle and ran across this particular one that was free. I didn’t even choose it because it was free — I chose it because it was about Nikola Tesla.

I wanted to read about putting my already wild head of hair to the test in one of those Tesla coil thingies that makes you a ball of static.

I’m sure some scientist reading this is having conniptions over my terminology. Enjoy. Most of it is me being annoying.

But Tesla — what an interesting guy! Admittedly, all the talk about generators and alternating current and such went over my head, what I did take away was his fearlessness in tackling creative endeavors. The book talked about electricity, but it was much more. He really believed in himself. He had extraordinary vision, and it was coupled with a commitment to hard work.

I have to say that I admire that about Tesla, and one more thing: He approached all of this with an incredible personal sense of integrity.

The book is a quick read, quite inspirational! I recommend it!

One thumb up (I didn’t give it two because it was lite on the science — but to be fair, it was less about science and more about motivation). While I wouldn’t mind playing with some static electricity for the fun of it, this book has given me some excellent food for thought about my own creative process and my desire to share my work.