um, really? REALLY?

I enjoy listening to Pandora Radio at work. Somehow, it has escaped the filters, and it gives my little Philips mp3 player a break. Anyway, I have this station that plays Maroon 5-ish music. Whatever, you go listen to what you want to, this rant isn’t about Maroon 5. Well, at least not directly.

Last year I bought the Beatles hijacked music as interpreted by some Cuban musicians. The album is pretty cool. It either inflames the hardcore Beatles fans, or fascinates folks. Either way, it’s a pretty neat album.

Back to Pandora. I’m listening to “She Will Be Loved” but it has a very Cuban beat and musical tones to it that arenot quite right. Clearly, it is Maroon 5, but the drums, not so much. Since my mp3 player is hooked up to the computer to charge it, I think that I have somehow set two things playing. Only, no. It’s this new album by Buena Vista Sound that mashes the contemporary song with Cuban Rhythms, aptly name: Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba.

Whatever. Coldplay, Sting, and U2 with Cuban undertones. Anathema.