things I would do if I was Hindu and kept coming back to perfect my life…

Don’t get your panties in a wad…I’m not giving serious consideration to reincarnation nor am I mocking world religions. I was just thinking that there are so many things I want to see and experience that I would need two or three lifetimes in order to fit them all in.

Some of these things are left over from when I was a kid, and some of these things are things that I’ve thought of as an adult. So, I present to you, in no particular order, the things I’d see or do if I fell into a vat of toxic waste and came back as Catwoman (besides getting the attention of my husband in a very special way).

Here goes:

1. Climb Machu Pichu (this from childhood–I think my love of science fiction was born in my fascination with crop circles and the year 2012)

2. See the Grand Canyon

3. Go to the Summer Olympics (I once dreamed of participating, but I’ll settle for shouting USA! in the stands)

4. Jump out of an airplane (ideally, I’d be wearing a working chute)

5. Go to the running of the bulls in Pamplona (I’d settle for the tomato throwing festival)

6. Learn Italian

7. Write a good novel

8. Play the piano (Useless — I’ve worn down some of the best music teachers. I don’t get time signatures. Music isn’t just a foreign language to me, it’s alienspeak.)

9. Go back to Rome and visit for as long as I want

10. Meet the Pope (Alexander would have been interesting, but he’s been dead for hundreds of years —  B16 would be a nice consolation pope)

11. Get a Ph.D., not an Ed.D. (I have snob issues)

12. Go on a mission trip

13. Run a marathon

14. Spend the day at the Smithsonian

15. Visit Cuba

16. Eat shrimp scampi (with an epi pen!)

17. Go surfing

18. Visit the Holy Land

19. Party in Australia with my friend Leonie

20. Drink cafe au lait and have a croissan at the Cafe Georges V on the Champs Elysees (tourist trap? definitely. but very early in the morning, I think I could capture a slice of my youth while backpacking through Europe a million years ago)