put your head down and kiss your ass goodbye

It’s been nice knowing all of you. Tomorrow, scientists in Switzerland will attempt to recreate the Big Bang. It turns out they’ve been searching for the “God particle” and hope this experiment will shed some light (no pun intended) on the the whole creation thing.

As usual, I didn’t know God was missing, but hey, you know how that goes.

Amazingly, the CERN was the featured plot point in Dan Brown’s underwhelming but far more scandalous novel, Angels and Demons (don’t waste your money–it is even more offensive and possibly even stupider than the Da Vinci Code, which I enjoyed reading for the chase and promptly forgot all the bad history and poorly researched information. Kind of like the Chinese I had for lunch today).

I digress. Anyway, alarmists are screaming that this will herald the end of the world, as it will create black holes and suck the earth into it and snuff out creation. Um. I say it serves us right for trying to play God. The hubris of some scientists astounds me. This reminds me of the time I pissed off the Methuselah Foundation and their members flamed me for months.

my Stephen Hawking action figure is spinning madly
my Stephen Hawking action figure is spinning madly

Nevertheless, Stephen Hawking presents a far more measured and fascinating look at this whole thing.

The article states that the “God particle” is all around us, but elusive. Ha! Don’t they see the obvious?

6 thoughts on “put your head down and kiss your ass goodbye

  1. **gasp**

    You have that Stephen Hawking action figure, too?! I keep mine on my bookcase in my cube at work — stupid cleaning crew knocked off his glasses, though, and I couldn’t find ’em again. Grrrr.

    There, my mission to add nothing of substance to this post is complete. 😀

  2. I read the book the “God Particle” and the final conclusion. If we find it we can break that apart also. Science is funny that way. Philosophers have used the monad/actual incident for years. From Start Trek the undiscovered country “Just because we can do a thing, does not mean we must do that thing”.

  3. Before the first nuclear tests in the 1945, some scientists predicted a chain reaction that couldn’t be stopped until all the hydrogen in our atmosphere had been consumed.

    p.s. That didn’t happen, either.

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