sometimes I win, and sometimes I win BIG!


One of my favorite resources on-line is Lisa Hendey’s I met Lisa many years ago at the first Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta. She was moderating the blogging panel and I thought, wow, is this woman really as nice as she seems to be?

Yes, she is.

Rumors of her diva-like qualities, rumors, I confess, perpetuated on Catholic Weekend and totally undeserved. She’s a peach. A pussycat. A sweetheart. A delightful…well, you get the picture.

Every once in a while she’ll have a contest over on her website.  All you have to do is post a comment on a blogpost and voila! Through the magic of very complex algorithms that only Stephen Hawking or Data can understand, she draws a winner.

Cue this whimsical (and a little quirky, I’m not gonna lie) bobble-head of Mother Teresa!!!

I won this neat little kitschy conversation starter, and knew I had to share it with you. I think I’ll carry her around with me for a while, but I have this crazy idea that she could be a fun little Flat Stanley project, only, not flat, bobble-headed.

Whadya think? I’d be happy to send it to anyone wanting a picture with her. The catch is, you have to send me a picture, and you have to mail it to the next person requesting her bobble-headed grandeur. I’ll post the pictures here.

Oh, and you should commit to praying a rosary for the person who sent it to you. I mean, it is Mother Teresa, after all.


put your head down and kiss your ass goodbye

It’s been nice knowing all of you. Tomorrow, scientists in Switzerland will attempt to recreate the Big Bang. It turns out they’ve been searching for the “God particle” and hope this experiment will shed some light (no pun intended) on the the whole creation thing.

As usual, I didn’t know God was missing, but hey, you know how that goes.

Amazingly, the CERN was the featured plot point in Dan Brown’s underwhelming but far more scandalous novel, Angels and Demons (don’t waste your money–it is even more offensive and possibly even stupider than the Da Vinci Code, which I enjoyed reading for the chase and promptly forgot all the bad history and poorly researched information. Kind of like the Chinese I had for lunch today).

I digress. Anyway, alarmists are screaming that this will herald the end of the world, as it will create black holes and suck the earth into it and snuff out creation. Um. I say it serves us right for trying to play God. The hubris of some scientists astounds me. This reminds me of the time I pissed off the Methuselah Foundation and their members flamed me for months.

my Stephen Hawking action figure is spinning madly
my Stephen Hawking action figure is spinning madly

Nevertheless, Stephen Hawking presents a far more measured and fascinating look at this whole thing.

The article states that the “God particle” is all around us, but elusive. Ha! Don’t they see the obvious?