sometimes I win, and sometimes I win BIG!


One of my favorite resources on-line is Lisa Hendey’s I met Lisa many years ago at the first Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta. She was moderating the blogging panel and I thought, wow, is this woman really as nice as she seems to be?

Yes, she is.

Rumors of her diva-like qualities, rumors, I confess, perpetuated on Catholic Weekend and totally undeserved. She’s a peach. A pussycat. A sweetheart. A delightful…well, you get the picture.

Every once in a while she’ll have a contest over on her website.  All you have to do is post a comment on a blogpost and voila! Through the magic of very complex algorithms that only Stephen Hawking or Data can understand, she draws a winner.

Cue this whimsical (and a little quirky, I’m not gonna lie) bobble-head of Mother Teresa!!!

I won this neat little kitschy conversation starter, and knew I had to share it with you. I think I’ll carry her around with me for a while, but I have this crazy idea that she could be a fun little Flat Stanley project, only, not flat, bobble-headed.

Whadya think? I’d be happy to send it to anyone wanting a picture with her. The catch is, you have to send me a picture, and you have to mail it to the next person requesting her bobble-headed grandeur. I’ll post the pictures here.

Oh, and you should commit to praying a rosary for the person who sent it to you. I mean, it is Mother Teresa, after all.