5 thoughts on “why I’m glad I’m Catholic

  1. I’m protestant so I don’t get the title.

    Hey like the lady said he was displayed the way he wanted. God bless him. Weird, yeah, but, well . . . dead is still dead.

    1. The Catholic Church (and I am sure any other religious instution, whether or not the followers are actually following the established rules or guidelines) have criteria for what is considered appropriate decorum for the burial of the dead. I happen to aware of and willing to follow those established guidelines, which would frown on this practice.

      However, I certainly acknowledge that not everyone adheres to or values those things, as evidenced by this young man and his family. Religion aside, I think I would find it disconcerting to attend a wake where the deceased was displayed in a life-like pose. It would be kind of like encountering Trigger, only, a person.

      Anyway, I suppose that’s why Skittles are popular — there’s a flavor for everyone’s taste. 🙂

  2. I agree! Let’s have some dignity! On the other hand, I would prefer not to be buried dressed up in a suit. That’s not really me. Closed casket all the way!

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