first lightning bug of the season!

I am soooo excited!

I saw the first lightning bug of the season. At first I thought I was imagining things, so of course I practically went blind from the strain of looking. But sure enough, he gave me another little flash and then he was gone.

I love them. It’s not like those little bugs are charming, or soft and cuddly. I mean, they’re bugs after all. Still, there’s something about them, along with honeysuckles, that makes me think of my childhood and the carefree days of summer vacations and community pools and yes, chasing bugs, barefoot, and capturing them in jars with holes poked in the lid.

If the smell of my childhood summers can be wrapped up in the scent of honeysuckles, then surely it would be illuminated by the lightning bugs — ethereal — mysterious –within reach, and yet…not.

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