I just drank poison

It’s called Cherry Coke Zero.

Look, I used to smoke cigarettes and drink Tab; it’s not like I have an aversion to chemicals. But, really. This is the sickest thing I’ve had in a while. Grosser, even, than Vanilla Coke, and that tasted like sucking on a vanilla candle.

Why can’t Coca-Cola leave well-enough alone? And why does the high school think it’s a good move to remove all the high-calorie Coke products because of health reasons, but leave the foul and poisonous cancer-causing saccharine products?

Riddle me this Batman: What’s in a sexy little bottle disguised with the Coke logo and a silly cartoon cherry? Cherry Dimetapp.

Who thought medicine was a good taste for a soft drink?

Not me.

Coke, you have disappointed me for the last time. I’m drinking water from now on. From the water fountain.

3 thoughts on “I just drank poison

  1. But then there’s Dr Pepper – an elixir born out of a need for peaceful co-existence amidst the cola wars.

    And, if you’re lucky enough to get it from the Dublin,TX plant, it’s made only from real sugar, no nasty chemicals, no nasty fructose.

    Is it 10, 2 or 4 yet?

  2. Ha–I think I told you a while back to drink SCOTCH.
    colas are good to clean batteries terminals,dry blood,rusty fishing reels,etc.etc.

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