Dear Son,

I paid your ticket today.

You’re welcome.

And I’m keeping your change.

I always enjoy a trip to the local constabulary, particularly when it is DeKalb County. The Flora and Fauna always entertain. Especially the Fauna.

I wonder when I ceased to be shocked by anything.  Still, it’s probably a good thing that I maintained an air of aloof disinterest when the enormous woman beside me pulled $600 in small bills out of her bra. I have to give credit to the male clerk who accepted the damp wad and calmly counted and made change.

I suppose we all have gifts.


Your Loving Mother

P.S. Keep your nose clean. And go to church.

4 thoughts on “Dear Son,

  1. Dear Mother,

    Thank you for that. How much was the change, like 10 dollars? You sure you don’t want to give me that so I can do laundry? Its 2 dollars per load in the washer, and 1.50 per load in the dryer. My nose is clean, and church is being gone to.


    Your Son

    P.S. What’s for Dinner?

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